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Johnnie Lloyd and Associates is a  great strategic partner that will be able to meet your leadership, coaching, Transformation Development (including master mind groups, PMII, 5P Approach to Growing Successful Organizations), organizational structure facilitation,  executive training needs. Certified Trainer(s) and Mentor(s). Click above to start fulfilling your vision.


4RiversConsultants is a partnership of consultants with over 70 years of business and accounting experience.  Let these experts be your accounting and financial management business source. Click the icon below to connect with 4 Rivers today.

“A place where stream of flowing waters provides continuous nourishment for the welfare and prosperity of your vision, mission and purpose.” ~ 4Rivers


We Specialize in Millennial’s and Boomers

  • MindUrLegacy focus’  on Millennial’s and Boomer’s to release their purpose-vision, and destiny that will transform the world as they move into their definite purpose and maximize potential.  They are phenomenal motivational speakers that specialize in transformational and leadership development.
  • They are equipped to train the next leaders in transformational processes to maximized personal achievement, development, and thought to change the “new world order”.